This whole thing started on Facebook as a thread of comments on a single post. I shared a Bad Joke Telling video by Dude Perfect to my timeline on July 26th, 2017. The next day a fellow dad / mate Duncan posted a joke comment reply and it was game on! This was the beginning of the most epic dad (or bad?) joke battle. We took turns posting joke after joke, laughing out loud at our phones as our wives rolled their eyes and our kids rolled on the floor.

Little did we know just how epic this would be. Four months in we’d racked up close to 900 jokes. Contributions also came in from Chris, another more (ahem) mature dad. Though rather than join in on the single joke jabs, Chris would randomly drop a barrage of gags before stepping back into the shadows. Still, no shortage of LOLs.

It was at this point (around December 2017) I decided to make a website to share all this bad dad comedy with the world. Especially because the post is hidden in my private account, and I’d passed the point of being able to edit the privacy settings of that particular post. So I wrote a script to fetch all the comments through the Facebook API and publish them to this site, and here we are. We’re still occasionally adding more joke comments on the post, and my script does a daily check and publish for new content.

If you like it, share it. And if you’ve got a joke you want to contribute, go ahead and submit it here.


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