Did you hear about the cross eyed teacher?
Couldn’t control his pupils


What to say to a hitch-hiker with just one leg? Hop in.


What do you call a Mexican with a vasectomy?
A dry Martinez


My ex-wife has lessons with the devil on how to be more evil. I don’t know what she charges him.


Did you hear about the fire at the shoe factory? It was a real tragedy, 100 soles were lost.


A photon checked into a hotel, the staff asked “Hello Mr. Photon, can I help you with your bags?” The photon replied, “No thanks, I’m traveling light.”


I’d like to thank the girl with no sports bra who ran with me through the last few miles of yesterday’s marathon.

Your lack of support got me through


My wife broke up with me because of my gambling. All I can think of is how to win her back.


I hate when people use words without knowing the meaning… gives me a huge hysterectomy on the side of my head.


Ice hockey is basically just guys wearing knife shoes fighting each other with long sticks for the last Oreo.


I did a theatrical performance on puns.
It was a play on words.


My friend has been a limo driver for 25 years and has never had a customer.
All that time and nothing to chauffeur it


Cats spend two thirds of their lives sleeping, and the other third making viral videos.


Have you heard about the cannibal that passed his brother in the forest?


Give a Nigerian a fish he’ll eat for a day. Teach a Nigerian to phish and he’ll become a prince and start e-mailing people


Cinderella got kicked off the basketball team because she ran away from the ball

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